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Welcome to our site! We are Coy and Anisa, a husband and wife duo trying to maintain sanity in this crazy life in the only way we know how: making stuff. Water Tower Craftsman was born out of that simple and innate desire to find rejuvenation and purpose away from the drudgery of everyday life.

Coy is the woodworker, planner, furniture designer, buyer, craftsman, etc.  

Anisa is the crafter, illustrator, content writer, photographer, business manager, etc. 

Together, we do it all. 

What started out as hobbies, has grown into a passionate business. Looking around our sparsely decorated apartment with hand-me-down furniture and bargains from the thrift store, we would longingly scroll through Pinterest and think, “We could do that.” However, despite this, products from the box stores always left us wanting. They never exactly fit what we were looking for. And there it was. Why were we convinced we had to settle for a piece of furniture or decor that we mostly liked, but didn’t completely love?

At Water Tower Craftsman, we believe you don’t have to settle. You don’t have to buy the cookie-cutter piece of furniture you have to assemble yourself that comes with dozens of parts and confusing directions. You don’t have to settle for scrolling through page after page of online merchandise trying to find that one piece that checks all the boxes, gambling on whether it will fit or that the color will be more white than ivory. Enough. That’s where we come in! Be it a mid-century modern coffee table with just the right espresso shade to evoke the warmth of your first cup of coffee or a farmhouse sign with just the right quip to make it so you can’t help but smirk every time you read it. Whatever you’re looking for, your search is over. We will custom design the perfect piece that will not only tick off all the boxes but will become an heirloom piece your family will be able to cherish for years to come. Contact us today to set up your free over the phone or in-home consultation, and let’s make those dreams a reality!

The Story Behind the Name


Once we decided to make this concept into a full-fledged business, our first obstacle was naturally to choose a name that was reminiscent to us of what that feeling of coming home means to us. That same feeling we want our customers to get from looking at a one-of-a-kind piece that just belongs. 

Driving around town one day, Coy was discussing this concept on the phone with his brother, Josh, describing to him wanting to connect our business with that of our hometown. A familiar sight to us St. George locals is that of Dixie Rock. Spottable from anywhere in the city, many locals orient themselves by it’s northern location, a comforting landmark all from this region can easily recognize. However, it wasn’t so much the name or image of Dixie Rock specifically that we wanted to emulate, Coy explained, but the feelings evoked when we saw it on the horizon.

“What about Water Tower after the Jason Aldean song?” Josh asked. Recalling the lyrics we knew that was it:


Slowin' down and drivin' in

I can finally breathe again

It's like I found a long lost friend...

Water tower, it sure is good to see you,

I've been away, way too long

Water tower like a lighthouse in a storm,

You help me find my way back home


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